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Negligent Homicide

In New York, homicide is a term for the causing of death to another person. Negligent is a less serious offense than murder in New York City. There are different kinds of homicide charges in New York, negligent homicide is just one of them.

The charge of negligent homicide can be charged if there is no intent on killing an individual but you did something you knew would or should have known to be dangerous and had the potential to kill or seriously injure another person. There are currently two charges of negligent homicide in the New York Penal Code; they are aggravated negligent homicide and criminally negligent homicide. If you or someone you know has been charged with either of these it is important to contact a negligent homicide New York City lawyer as soon as possible.


Criminally this type of homicide is the least serious of all homicides and is regarded as a class E felony. You can be charged with this if the prosecutor finds that you had no intention of causing the death of a person but you could have prevented it by acting on the knowledge that this would cause a person’s death. It is not wise to take a plea to the first charge that is presented as some lawyers routinely have their clients do. There is a myriad of elements that lead to whether or not the crime itself is represented accurately by the charge and the amount of time can also be determined by certain factors that have not been focused on. Retain the help of a negligent homicide New York City lawyer if you are charged and undertake the due diligence process of vetting your options rather than hastily making such an important decision.

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If the victim of your act happens to be a police officer or peace officer in the line of duty then the appropriate charge will be aggravated criminally negligent homicide, which is a class D felony. In order for this charge to be applied, you must have had reason to know that the person who died was a police or peace officer.

Find a Proper Negligent Homicide Lawyer

Not all negligent homicide New York City lawyers are of the same caliber and creed. It is important to do you due diligence when looking to retain legal counsel as the consequences are severe and there is a lot to lose. The negligent homicide New York City lawyers at the Sharova Law Firm are committed to bringing their culture of the “high-quality client experience” to fruition for every client.

If you or a person you care about is under investigation for a serious issue such as negligent homicide, call our skilled legal representatives to assure everything you say or do during the investigation of your case will not later be a reason to involve you in homicide accusations.

In the situation when you are already arrested, contact one of our law offices in New York to start building your solid defense strategy that will lead to favorable results. If you already accepted a deal or listened to your convictions, our experienced negligent homicide lawyer can give you a legal advice about your situation and next step you can take to make it better.

Learn More About Consequences

Possible penalties for negligent homicide charges vary depending on the specific details of each particular case. The most common legal consequences for such crimes are a time in prison minimum for 180 days and maximum for two years, lengthy probation period and huge fines around $10000.

There also can be some factors that aggravate your possible charges and consequences for negligent homicide. It is necessary to contact a highly knowledgeable New York negligent homicide attorney as soon as you are facing serious criminal charges to find out all possible options for your case.

It is imperative you go with trusted counsel who has a track record of success, go with the negligent homicide NYC lawyers at the Sharova Law Firm today!

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The Sharova Law Firm is an established law firm with exceptional negligent New York City lawyers who are capable of crafting a strong defense to argue your innocence. The lawyers at Sharova Law Firm also have the experience and aggressiveness that is required to litigate a case like this in court.

Whenever you are facing severe criminally negligent homicide charges, it is a stressful and confusing situation. Our professional team of skilled legal experts understands that well and can help you deal with your difficult situation with minimal stress. Trying to handle such a complicated case on your own makes you pregnable to prosecution. Do not let it happen by getting an efficient legal representative at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C.

If you are accused of negligent homicide, you require complex legal consultation and representation services of seasoned and experienced violent crimes lawyer with many years of court proceedings experience. New York homicide attorneys at Sharova Law Firm possess knowledge and resources you demand and are ready to fight the most severe charges. Contact us now to schedule a consultation with one of our legal professionals.

NYC Negligent Homicide Defense

The main element of every successful negligent homicide defense strategy is a proper incident reconstruction. First of all, it is necessary to prove that an accident happened by someone other’s fault. It is also important to prove the accused individual was not “reckless”.

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Sharova Law Firm
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Of course, there are some strategies that are commonly used to defend someone who is accused of negligent homicide. One of them is to prove your “Miranda rights” were violated. Another commonly used defense strategy for criminally negligent homicide is a denial of the Right to Counsel, which is obligatory in such cases. Other strategies include finding out holes and mistakes in evidence or challenging the validity of prosecution’s actions. Misinterpretations and false statements in police reports or inaccurate crime scene reconstruction are also defensive elements for the offender.

There is no case that is impossible to defend, but you should realize, the first thing to do when you are charged with negligent homicide is to contact New York criminal defense lawyer. Do not lose precious time, call Sharova Law Office immediately to talk about the details and possibilities in your case.




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