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Get it done quickly

Professional attorney certification lets you get a liquor license in one month or less! Now, compare it to a minimum of six months obtaining the license without assistance.

Yes, it’s a complicated process that has many pitfalls.  Sometimes people make serious mistakes during the procedure.  Such actions can lead to losing the right to obtaining the liquor license, or to spending much more funds than initially planned.

With our assistance, you will spend minimum time preparing and collecting documents.

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An experienced liquor license attorneys will answer all your questions

You will receive a thorough consultation with our liquor license attorneys who will advise you on how to resolve your issue.

Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm

Efficiency and efficacy

Our staff employs highly qualified SLA hearing attorneys with more than 10 years of experience.

We will gather all the necessary and/or missing documents

Liquor license attorneys at the Sharova Law Firm will carry out all the preparatory work, meticulously in order to ensure that potential delays are minimized or eliminated in acquiring a license.

Why you need to get a Liquor License in NYC

Our liquor license attorneys will work diligently and communicate with the State Liquor Authority on your behalf to reduce the risk of rejection from the State Liquor Authority in order to successfully obtain license approved and permit.

A liquor license in New York to sell alcohol is a mandatory authorization document that gives a legal entity the right to officially engage in the sale of alcoholic products.

A license issued by the New York State Liquor License Authority for the production of alcoholic beverages will confirm that your company complies with the requirements of the law and produces exceptionally safe drinks with the necessary organoleptic properties.

Selling Alcoholic Beverages Without License: Penalty in NY

Conducting activities on the manufacturing and sale of alcoholic beverages without a proper license is criminally punishable. It is considered as a misdemeanor criminal offense. If you want to make a profit, and not overpay for fines, then it’s time to think about acquiring a license for the retail sale of alcohol.


The fine for the sale of alcohol without a license in New York starts at  $1, 000 and/or criminal liability  – imprisonment of up to 1 year.

When do I need an alcohol license

There are several areas of work with alcohol products that are subject to licensing. Your company will need a liquor license in Nyc if you:

make alcoholic drinks;

transport or store them;

sell alcohol wholesale or retail.

The reason to hire a liquor license attorney

To avoid wasting time, effort and money, you should take the help of an experienced lawyer who is well acquainted with all the possible nuances of the return procedure.

At the Law Office of Yelena Sharova, P. C., we provide a ready-made solution to a complex problem without risks for your business.

We will speak on behalf of our client and get a positive result in the State Liquor Authority.

Additionally, our qualified liquor license attorneys will do everything to reduce to zero the risk of rejection from the licensing authority.

According to statistics, the help of an attorney practicing liquor licensing law

increases the chance of getting a license, significantly speeds up the process, and helps to save the money.

Legal documents needed for a liquor license in Brooklyn

You certainly have to be prepared that if you are going to run a business, there are lots of papers you have to deal with. First of all, you have to contact the governing agency of your state to determine what kind of liquor license you will be needing. Then you have to submit your application, in which you should write your employer identification number, business license, sales tax permit, health permit, building permit, and zoning permit. Sounds like a lot of work to do, but if you want to achieve your goals and make your business successful, you have to cope with all these legal issues. It may take time, but you know it’s for the best.

The neighbor is important: Liquor license in Brooklyn

When choosing a place to carry out activities related to the sale of alcohol to consumers, you should first find out which organizations (institutions) are nearby. This is due to the fact that the retail sale of alcohol is prohibited within 100 yards of any college campus, church, school ground or school building; medical organizations, sports facilities, as well as in the territories adjacent to them.

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Alejandro Moore
Alejandro Moore

Alejandro Moore


How can I get soft liquors license quickly? And is it possible to get hard liquors license fast?




Duration of the getting soft liquors license, as well as hard liquors license, depends on the skill of the attorney working for you. Usually, it takes not more than a month or less. If you try to obtain a liquor license on your own it normally takes around six months. The reason is that the attorney knows the process in all details and starts it while being fully prepared. He or she slides from the task to task seamlessly without delay — that indeed saves you a lot of time.

Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer Mitchell


Is there such a thing as a one-day alcohol license and a quick alcohol license?




Yes, you can get a liquor license for a one-day event. Yet, you normally won't be able to get it in one day. However, with the help of a liquor license attorney, you will speed up the process as much as possible.

Brendan Morris
Brendan Morris

Brendan Morris


How much will cost the services of the beer and wine license lawyer?




It all depends on your personal case, category of the liquor license and specific type of the liquor license you need. Think about your category: On-premises licenses; Off-premises licenses; Wholesale; Manufacture. Think of a type of license you need: Tavern, Bar, Hotel, Catering Establishment, Club, Restaurant Brewer, Cabaret Liquor, Food Concessionaire, Bed and Breakfast, Golf Club, Chain Restaurant, etc. When you are aware of the type or feel you need help to figure it out, contact us for further help!



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We understand that time is a valuable resource and that legal battles are often disruptive to peoples’ lives. We focus on clients’ values and goals to resolve cases efficiently and expeditiously.



Our attorneys are all experienced, with at least a decade of practice and thousands of hours in the courtroom. We use this experience to prepare a focused legal strategy for even the direst cases.



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