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Smuggling Illegal Immigrants Definition & Sentence

Smuggling Illegal Immigrants

To commit the crime of trafficking, harboring or smuggling of an illegal immigrant/alien, one person must try to bring another person who is an illegal immigrant/alien to the United States in a style that is not permitted by the United States.

If a person knowingly tries to transport an illegal immigrant/alien into the United States through another place than the authorized location of entry for immigrants, that is a violation of federal law. This is irrespective of whether the immigrant/alien has permission preceding the entering of the United States.

If a person helps an immigrant/alien enter the U.S. illegally, shields them from detection or if they hide them in a building or keep them transported to avoid detection, or attempt to conceal and harbor them, this is a violation of federal law.

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A person who promotes or inspires an alien to come to or live in the U.S. while disregarding the fact that the illegal immigrant/alien’s residence and entry will be illegal.

A skilled lawyer is necessary to defend against these charges, the complexity of the law regarding immigration is a serious obstacle for any defendant and defense lawyer.

Smuggling Illegal Immigrants Lawyer Can Mean a Lot

US immigration laws are tough, especially to understand them without professional legal help. It is possible only for highly experienced and well-qualified immigrants smuggling lawyer to define and understand all specific circumstances of your particular case, to try to find any legal mistakes or misinterpretations in the prosecution and to get charges and punishment minimized or dismissed.

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The human smuggling defense lawyers at Yelena Sharova P.C. are well-versed in immigration laws. The lawyers at Sharova P.C. are ready to handle the preparation necessary in a human smuggling case. They are equipped to identify flaws in the government’s case. The illegal alien/immigrant defense lawyers at Sharova P.C. will negotiate a reduction in charges and will fight for an exoneration of the case.

If you are accused of smuggling illegal immigrants, do not talk to law officers, Border Patrol agents, or the investigators before you talk to your New York human smuggling attorney at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. Contact one of our top immigration crimes attorneys immediately and get a professional legal consultation regarding the details of your case. We are ready to help you, no matter how serious your charges seem to be.

Possible Reasons for Harboring Aliens

Smuggling people or human smuggling in the United States can happen for a variety of reasons. It is not rare that the illegal smuggling and harboring of immigrant/alien women are made to “pay their toll” by being forced into the sex trade. In other instances, the smuggling of aliens into the U.S. are forced into “slave wage” labor until their debts are paid off.

You will want a highly experienced attorney to help defend you if you have been charged with any smuggling charge. The punishments are not light and can seriously have adverse effects on your life.

Charges And Penalties for Trafficking Illegal Immigrants

The New York marriage fraud defense lawyers at Sharova P.C. can assist you if you have been detained or are being investigated for marriage fraud. If you are in New York or anywhere in the U.S., the marriage fraud criminal/immigration defense lawyers at Sharova P.C. can help you. They have extensive knowledge defending immigration law crimes relating to marriage fraud as well as other types of fraud.

Illegal immigrant/alien smuggling punishments vary and are in federal violation of 8 U.S.C. 1324. The smuggling punishments are contingent on if or if not the defendant brings or attempts to bring the immigrant into the United States. One factor is if the crime was committed for a monetary gain or if it was committed for humanitarian reasons. Another factor in deciding punishment is if the defendant put an immigrant/alien at risk of injury or death. These penalties are not considered to be a slap on the wrist. Call and retain an experienced attorney if you are accused of smuggling illegal immigrants.

♦ If death is an outcome during the offense you can be punished to death or life in prison;

♦ If risk of death is an outcome or bodily injury results during the offense — 20 years in prison;

♦ If it involves harboring, transporting or promoting the illegal immigrant for economic gain —10 years in prison. (Attempting to bring the alien into the United States for monetary gain carries a minimum mandatory sentence of three years.);

♦ If it involves transporting or harboring and/or promoting an illegal immigrant (not for profit)—five years in prison.

An immigrant smuggling sentence can be harsh. You will need to hire experienced defense attorneys to help you defend yourself against such allegations.

NYC Smuggling Illegal Immigrants Defense

There are a few defenses that the lawyers at Sharova P.C. are capable of providing depending on the defendant’s circumstances. One such defense is the affirmative defense. It calls for the defendant to show proof that they hold membership in an authorized nonprofit religious organization. The leader of an organization may have permission to help shelter and feed persons not legally in the U.S. This defense does not help in cases of helping an alien/immigrant cross the border illegally.

There is a possible affirmative defense that the lawyers at Sharova P.C. can use to help defendants in their fight against human smuggling charges. The affirmative defense is accessible when it provides that the defendant was unaware of the alleged offense was against the law. Particular crimes regarding smuggling of alien/immigrant require the government’s attorney to prove intent on behalf of the defendant. The lawyers at Sharova P.C. are adept at providing these types of defenses and may be able to provide evidence that alleviates the assertions of the government’s attorney.

If you have been accused of a federal crime of illegal alien/immigration harboring, smuggling, or transportation, call the attorneys at the Law Offices of Yelena Sharova P.C. to help prepare your defense. They have helped many defendants facing similar crimes and charges and received favorable outcomes for their clients all across the board.




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