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Vehicular Manslaughter

Have been accused of vehicular manslaughter? First of all, don’t panic, everything is solvable. Every problem has a way out even though you need to go through a difficult pass.

Vehicular manslaughter is one of the trickiest charges. In order to defend such a case, you will need a help. So, the second thing to do after you calm down – is to find a professional legal counsel.

How to defend yourself?

If you think you can rely on a free attorney provided by the government; or, you think you will be able to defend yourself on your own, our first advice – and the advice from every experienced and seasoned legal practitioner – don’t do this. Don’t take a free cheese in the mouse trap! Don’t play casino with your freedom! Make a research and find a professional vehicular manslaughter attorney to protect your freedom!

Common mistakes when choosing an attorney

One more advice from Law Office of Yelena Sharova, P. C. is to be specific with your lawyer. If you need a vehicular manslaughter defense you should not choose a lawyer who specializes in divorces. Do you get the logic? It is one of the common mistakes to hire an attorney not for your case. It doesn’t matter how professional the cybercrime lawyer if you have a DUI charge.

How to choose the best vehicular manslaughter attorney?

What is more important, a vehicular manslaughter charge is something from the double standards law brunch. You cannot be sure that manslaughter attorney will suit you. At the same time, you cannot be sure that the DUI attorney will suit you either. You need a dual-specialty attorney, who is experienced in both categories. That is why when looking for a lawyer, and when interviewing him or her later, you need always ask about the case the got to deal with in the court.

So, what is manslaughter?

According to the New York Criminal code, there are two degrees of vehicular manslaughter. The second degree is less serious felony than first degree, yet still a very significant and heavy crime.

Vehicular Manslaughter in the second degree

– you are guilty of this crime if you drove a car while being intoxicated and that resulted in the death of another human being

– you cause the death of another human being during driving a vehicle which has the weight of more than eighteen thousand pounds, and inside that vehicle is flammable gas, radioactive or explosive materials

– you cause the death of another human being while driving a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle while being intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

Vehicular Manslaughter in the first degree

You are guilty of this crime if you cause the death of another human being while:

– your blood alcohol content has 18 or more; or

– you were convicted of driving while intoxicated in another state

– your driver license privilege is suspended because you refused to take BAC test

– you were accused of driving while intoxicated in NYS or another state within past 10 years

– you killed more than one human being

– you were accused of vehicular manslaughter before

– you were driving a child who is under 15 years old, and who was killed because of your illegal action


The traffic intensity is growing rapidly every day, especially when it comes to large cities of the state. Road traffic has long become an integral part of the everyday life of citizens – the vast majority of people are participants, albeit in different roles. Having no relevant experience in the legal field, you may not notice this and not suspect your involvement in road traffic. And the pedestrian, and the passenger, and especially the driver in the process of moving around the city and beyond, is a person who takes a direct part in the traffic.

Many do not give enough importance to the cases of accidents and act automatically, not suspecting how important this or that event can be. Unfortunately, the process of road traffic is inextricably linked with unpleasant situations and is regularly accompanied by an accident. The reason for this can be various factors: the lack of professionalism of the participants, the neglect of safety rules, and external factors in the form of excessively intense traffic. 




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