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Reduce or Eliminate debt with the help of an experienced debt collection lawyers in New York

Debt Collection

It is possible to relieve debt in any particular case substantially. Our debt collection attorneys will negotiate a partial settlement, a workout agreement, or even a reduction in the bills for a few months. 

Unlike a typical debt settlement firm, our debt management lawyers, debt settlement lawyers, and bankruptcy lawyers in NYC consult our clients individually to evaluate their best choices.  You’ll benefit from a professional legal counsel, something that a standard debt settlement agency can’t legitimately do.  

Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm

The Sharova Law Firm will develop advantageous debt solutions and provide some significant assistance with credit card bills and student loans.

What our debt attorney does to help with your debt

Debt settlement attorney at the Sharova Law Firm will familiarize you with all debt relief options in your situation. Our debt management lawyer will help you find out whether you should try to settle your debts or do something else, for instance, a bankruptcy file.  


A debt collection defense attorney at our firm will protect you if you face a debt collection lawsuit. A debt collection lawyer will provide detailed advice and let you know how to proceed with your particular situation.

Personal debt collection attorney will review your current financial conditions, including your salary, real estate, and other incomes. We will set up successful debt management or debt settlement program to put aside the settlement money.

Debt Elimination Plan

Learning how to eliminate debt begins with a free consultation, having your particular case reviewed by an experienced debt lawyer. We are providing free consultations at our law firm for people looking for practical solutions. Our attorneys listen with respect and interest in all conversations about your debts and the options you have available to you. In some cases, debt consolidation or debt management may be the solution, but for others, you may need to look more closely at other choices such as debt settlement or bankruptcy.


Four debt reduction strategies usually may be applied for debt relief or debt elimination. Below is a brief description of what every strategy does:

Debt Management

Our debt management lawyer will assist you in making an affordable payment and will speak with your lenders. Between these four options for debt relief, the choice often comes down to debt management vs. debt consolidation. These are realistic and tested ways of getting out of the burden of unsustainable debt, but they rely on very different approaches. The one link between the two systems is that each needs a monthly payment from the borrower, but that’s where the similarities end. A debt management plan requires you to pay off your debts at a rate that you can manage. 

Debt Consolidation

Our debt consolidation lawyer in New York will negotiate lower interest rates on your accounts. You can make one transfer to the repayment fund and distribute that amount amid all your creditors, depending on the newly agreed interest rate. That way, you can build a debt-free plan after approximately six years. Most people believe that won’t impact their reputation at all, but dealing with the credit counseling agency will affect your rating even though you pay the loan in full. That’s why a debt consolidation attorney is a better option to negotiate this process. Besides, having the most positive reviews from our clients makes Sharova Law Frim one of the best debt consolidation companies.


Debt Settlement

Our debt settlement attorney in New York negotiates with your creditors 0 percent interest on the principal amount on your debt, and you can get out of debt burden in 3 years or even less. It is a lot better financial solution than debt consolidation, which ends your debt quicker, and you can start saving sooner; yet, it immediately affects your credit reputation. However, it is a reasonable option if your debt burden is too substantial.

Filing Bankruptcy

Our bankruptcy attorney, along with bankruptcy lawyer, will consult and determine whether bankruptcy is a good alternative and the effects you may face. Depending on the state of residency, savings, salary, and family size, the easiest way out of your debt is to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is a full dismissal of your debt. If you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is a debt reorganization accompanied by 3-5 years of charges, there may be more favorable conditions for you.

How do I decide if I need a debt attorney?

When you have substantial debt, a debt collection lawyer may work with your creditor to lower the sum that you owe. Our debt attorney in New York will provide more solutions than a debt settlement agency  — their programs sometimes eventually cost you more than you initially owed in the long term. 

The attorneys of The Law Office of Yelena Sharova, P.C.reflects not only on aspects of bankruptcy but also other things related to debt reduction and how to stay financially secure. Our law firm offers debt management solutions, debt consolidation plans, bankruptcy advice, and debt settlement options to individuals and small companies based in and around New York.

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