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Wire Fraud

Wire fraud generally defined as a scheme to defraud or obtain money through false pretenses, misrepresentations, or false promises. That involves transmitting, or caused to be transmitted, any pictures, writings, sounds or signals via the network for the purpose of executing the scheme or artifice.

Fraud crimes have a lot of different forms and conditions. If it includes any communication devices, such as telephone, e-mail, fax machine, and others, it is called Wire Fraud. Wire fraud is recognized as a serious federal crime and can cause various heavy consequences for the one who is indicted for committing wire fraud misdemeanor.

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The main features of wire fraud are:

♦ The main aim is to get money or property;

♦ The actions were made for the purpose to cheat;

♦ At least one of different wires (telephone calls, internet, email) was used.

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Fraudsters often look for a personal financial information. They commonly would try to find a way to get your bank account or credit card.

Swindlers can use various schemes and methods to commit a wire fraud crime, such as:

♦ Malware or “malicious software” which includes accessing or damaging a computer without informing the owner;

♦ Phishing – takes place when websites or emails are set up as licit ones and allure people to give their private financial information;

♦ Smishing and Vishing – situations when fraudsters contact customers of a bank and pretend to use automated calls or text messages to make fake warnings about security breach and disclose a personal information (PIN or any other account data) to protect an account;

♦ Accessing Email Accounts – takes place when hackers have access to email correspondence or mail account by using a computer virus, spam, or phishing.

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When choosing a defense counsel to represent you, make sure you get a feel of the counsel’s client service. Not all wire fraud New York attorneys are created equal. Consultation should be your vetting ground when dealing with your attorney during your fraudulent activity. As with any case, whether it is wire/mail or credit card fraud, your criminal lawyer should listen to you and do what you wish after they have advised you of your options and possible recourse. All the information that is pertinent to your case should be discussed, including wire fraud statutes. The New York criminal lawyers at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C do all of this and more as a commonality in practice. Contact the federal wire fraud New York Lawyers of the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C for a consultation.

Federal Wire Fraud Penalty

Wire Fraud Is Not a Joke and Penalties Are Severe

Prosecutors often seek fraudulent activity and blackmail indictments against a defendant when they do not have enough evidence to make other charges stick. Mail and wire frauds charges, like conspiracy charges, are among the favorite weapons in the federal prosecutors’ arsenal because the concept of honest services fraud is broad enough to cover all kinds of conduct that the government disfavors. If a federal prosecutor is after you and cannot find a real crime to charge you with, he is likely to use the honest services machinations to send you on your way.

The penalties for wire fraud can be substantial if convicted. Imprisonment of up to 20 years is determined by 18 U.S. Code Section 1343. If the charges in fraudulent practice involved a major national emergency or if it affected a financial institution, the penalties can be as much as 30 years of imprisonment. An individual convicted of wire fraud may face penalties of up to $250,000. An organization may face a penalty of up to $500,000. In such case, a defendant’s base level and criminal history determine sentencing guidelines, although a judge may deviate.

Effects of being blamed for wire fraud crime can be various. They depend on conditions, circumstances of a crime, and possibilities to prove its factual existence. A person accused in the commitment of a wire fraud can face serious monetary penalties and a prison sentence of up to 20 years. If a financial organization is involved, fines can reach the sum of $1,000,000 and prison terms are up to 30 years.

In order for the federal government to bring charges of wire fraud, interstate transmission or international transmission must have occurred. It is common to be charged with other crimes in addition to crimes via the network. You can be charged with an underlying offense, such as securities, mail, health care fraud, or making false claims. Wire fraud is a predicate offense to RICO charges.

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Every wire fraud act is counted as a separate misdeed. For example, 10 telephone calls with an aim to defraud will be counted as 10 different wire fraud cases. This trick is often used by court prosecutors. Sometimes indictment of a wire fraud is also used when a court does not have necessary proof for another, a more serious misdemeanor.

You should also remember that wire fraud can be linked to other misdeeds. That is one more reason why you should immediately get in touch with seasoned Wire Fraud Lawyer if you are accused of wire fraud or involved in that type of crime. The efficient criminal defense attorney will be able to analyze your situation and to prepare a suitable strategy of actions in your case. Always consult your lawyer before saying anything to the investigators. Professional Wire Fraud Lawyers will protect your rights at every level.

If you have been charged with scamming or any of the mentioned charges associated with fraudulent activity, you need to have an in-depth legal team by your side. The wire fraud attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. can help prepare your defense. Contact us immediately.

NYC Wire Fraud Defense

At the most fundamental level, a successful defense will challenge the basic elements of the government’s case. Unless the government can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that every element of the specific types of scam indicted, there can be no conviction. In deception cases, a defense attorney may also argue good faith. The government will generally use circumstantial evidence to try to prove intent if defendants can show justification for a good faith belief that his actions were legal it will be difficult for a jury to convict him for deceit.

As experienced New York attorneys, we have the knowledge of how to navigate the judicial system to protect your rights and defend you. Like all white-collar cases, pre-trial preparation is of paramount importance. Contact the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. if you have been charged with a wire/mail fraud or if you are under investigation for the same.




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