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An attorney for computer crimes is rather a rare specialization in the legal community. The reasons lie in the absence of deep professional knowledge in the field of IT-technologies, which results in the absence of a sufficient amount of practice and experience in handling this category of criminal cases. Our lawyers, possessing special knowledge in the field of IT and experience in protecting those who have committed computer crimes, will help you choose the right tactics and protection strategy.

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Technologies penetrate all spheres of our life, therefore for investigation of complex crimes lawyers require specialized knowledge and methods. Our specialists work closely with the national and international police to investigate various types of crimes, from cyber attacks to murders and disappearances.

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Own technology analysis patterns, network analysis, tactical profiling allows us to successfully investigate the most complex incidents as well to successfully protect those who have been accused of various cybercrimes.


It was not too long ago that computer crimes were not very specific or understood, they had a vague nature to understanding them and were not enforced. In these days and times, people convicted of computer crimes are sentenced harshly and the rules are enforced heavily. There are still times today where a person may be charged with a computer crime and be innocent because the laws regarding illegal Internet activity are still somewhat unclear. This is where you will need dedicated and experienced legal counsel. Not every NYC cybercrime lawyer is actively involved in defending cases involving Internet crime. The Sharova Law Firm has an ever-evolving knowledge of the laws involving cyber crime and has put in years of work litigating cases to be able to achieve the most suitable outcomes for their clients.

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The cyber crimes lawyers in NYC at the Sharova Law Firm have a vast wealth of knowledge to discern between the subtle distinctions of a computer crime and a cyber crime/Internet crime. The U.S. Department of Justice categorizes cyber crime into three elementary classifications. The cyber crimes attorneys in NYC in the Sharova Law firm are adept in investigating these kinds of crimes and protecting your constitutional rights in the process. The NYC cyber crimes attorneys at Sharova P.C. are a top choice for defending illegal cyber activity allegations in NYC. Contact us now if you need any legal help in your criminal case involving cybercrimes, or need legal representation in New York court.

Consider Possible Penalties and Consequences

It is possible to face felony charges and do a considerable amount of jail time if convicted of what some describe as “victimless crimes”. It does not matter if you are charged with identity theft, computer trespass, computer tampering, unlawful duplication of computer-related material, or some other kind of Internet/Cybercrime, you can do years in prison and be fined well into the thousands of dollars. It will take a superior cyber crime defense lawyer to help you get the most out of your defense to maintain your innocence.

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Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
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There are a variety of penalties for different kinds of Internet cyber crimes. Your success depends on the class of lawyer you hire to defend you, so keep that in mind when you are reading these penalties.

♦ Fourth-Degree. Computer damaging is classified as a misdemeanor -class-A. This is essentially the most basic computer misdeed and involves unapproved computer or network access.

♦ Third-Degree. Tampering with the intent on committing a felony action or they have been convicted of a prior PC tampering offense. Felony charges are serious even if it is white-collar, the right attorney is critical to preserve your rights and not let your reputation get ruined.

♦ Second-Degree. Computer tampering is committed in the second degree when an individual accomplishes offence in the fourth degree and also intentionally deletes or terminates information or data. The penalties for this crime can reach into multiple years, hiring an attorney with the right knowledge are crucial in your defense. Such computer crime is classified as a D-Felony.

♦ First-Degree. This charge is brought forth when there is $50,000 or more in damage in connection with the computer crime committed and it;s a class-C felony. The New York lawyers at Sharova Law P.C. have the experience to fight these cyber crimes to see you get the best results attainable.

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The Sharova Law Firm is able to supply clients with highly skilled computer crime defense lawyers who not only understand the law but the world of high-tech computers, which allows them to get the best results for their clients. Call the Sharova Law Firm today if you have any questions and we will gladly conduct a confidential consultation at your earliest convenience.

Do not hesitate if you are charged with a cyber crime in New York. Whether the case stays in the New York system or goes federal, you’ll be properly prepared when you hire the New York lawyers from Sharova Law P.C.

NYC Cyber Crimes Defense

The Sharova Law Firm hires and works with top talent who have the ability to create innovative criminal defense strategies and who can implement them with the element of persuasion through litigation. The New York criminal defense lawyer you choose must know how to put a good defense together by knowing the following areas in relation to your alleged illegal cyber activity:

Pleading requirements: In New York City two of the most used cyber/Internet crimes charged in plea agreements are computer trespass and computer tampering. These two activities can be charged as felonies and should be taken with extreme consideration to the defendant’s record and what the evidence is of the original charge. There are a few elements the prosecutor is going to have to prove in order for this allegation to exists and depending on the seriousness of the activity will determine in which degree the person is charged. New York cyber crime lawyers must be on top of the law a have an intricate eye for details when it comes to helping choose the best route for their clients.

Issues with Discovery: There are different kinds of types of evidence in the discovery. For the most part, there will be key logs, user logs, and other digital information used as evidence. There are times when witness testimony may not be included or sought out that could disprove that the defendant did not access the computer in question. This is a vital piece of information that you & New York cybercrime lawyer will need to be aware.

Expert Witnesses: The prosecution will more times than not have expert computer scientist or computer forensic experts testify on the court’s behalf. Your NYC Internet lawyer will need to know how to cross-examine these witnesses and be able to discern opinion from fact.




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