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A person charged with kidnapping can be sentenced to 15 or more years of imprisonment. Imagine that you will be out of your usual life for many years, and then later – from the social environment for an indefinite time since a criminal record always leaves an imprint on the life of a person. Indeed, it sounds more than just depressing… But wait a moment, don’t give up — if you are suspected, there is still a chance to avert suspicions. 

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This will be possible if an experienced kidnapping attorney will protect your rights, the services of which are offered by our company.

Why you need a kidnapping attorney?

Every defendant needs legal assistance from a kidnapping attorney. This is primarily due to the ambiguity and complexity of many criminal cases, especially related to kidnapping. In itself, kidnapping refers to crimes against individual freedom, honor, and dignity. It is associated with a higher level of supervision by the state since the protection of the interests of citizens and their freedom is the basis of modern law and statehood. 

What is kidnapping?

From the perspective of legal terminology, the kidnapping is the abduction of a person, the capture of a person, asportation (i. e., movement) to a certain place without that other’s person consent, as well as the lack of the ability of the abducted person to leave the premises in which a person is kept. It is necessary to understand the difference between kidnapping and deprivation of his or her freedom. In the last in which a person will be held in the place where he or she came on their own. If you are faced with kidnapping as a victim or are accused of committing this crime, you should contact a competent kidnapping attorney as soon as possible. Only a professional can collect all the necessary evidence and knows how to defend your interests in court, and protect you from false accusations.

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Kidnapping attorney explains penalties 

Kidnapping in the second degree is the class B felony.

You could be facing a penalty for up to 25 years here. 


If you are charged with the kidnapping in the first degree, which is class A-I felony, your minimum sentence is going to be 15-40 years (in some cases,  you will be imprisoned for the rest of your life). 

Kidnapping attorney’s guide to the definition

The punishment for kidnapping crime was mentioned above. It remains only to explain what exactly forms it.

Criminal actions include:

– the capture of a person;

– asportation (movement) of the person;

– the holding of a person against their will.



The crime is considered completed after the capture, even when everything else could not be completed. 

Kidnapping your child: Kidnapping attorney’s consultancy

Many people are interested in the question of how the law considers the abduction of their child if there is no consent of the other parent, or if the child is held against the will of the parents by other relatives or grandparents. This type of case is called “child abduction” instead of kidnapping. Courts generally treat these cases as parental disputes. If you need more information, kidnapping attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena, P. C. will consult you on your particular situation so you know whether you could be facing jail time.




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