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Efficient representing at trial, sentencing, and appeal and guarantee of effective criminal defense

Criminal Defense

Fight your accusation:


There are working legal strategies and techniques that we use to reduce criminal charges which will be dependent on the specific features of your case. Contact our criminal defense attorney to learn about possible solutions to your case.

Top Criminal Defense Attorney Yelena Sharova
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2 Get Your Qualified Criminal Defense

We consider all aspects relating to your case to build the criminal defense strategy with the highest possibility of success.

3 We’ve Worked Thousands of Cases

Our winning results in fighting criminal charges cases has been a direct result of our considerable experience.

Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm
Sharova Law Firm

4 Your Timing is Limited

In New York, you have a critical amount of time to save your freedom from jail. The faster you contact our criminal defense lawyer us the better.

5 Your Best Case Outcome

Our aggressive criminal defense attorneys are known for a focus on achieving your best possible result.

6 Complex Case Consultation

We offer a detailed case analysis with a professional criminal defense attorney to review and advise you about all the options you have.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Yelena Sharova P.C. operate with the chief policy that all clients understand what is happening at all times in their case. The criminal defense lawyers in New York City that are a part of the Sharova P.C. law firm have strong expertise in litigating criminal cases, as well as negotiating preferential plea agreements. The New York attorneys at Sharova P.C. are exceptional at crafting a strategy that suits the unique needs of each case they come across and they do not use a blanket approach.

Find an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Near You

Criminal law is complex, and most importantly, involves incredibly significant, life-altering issues for our clients. That is why you simply cannot mess around if you have been accused of a crime.

Under the state laws enacted by the New York Legislatures or by Congress, you can be charged with criminal offenses by multiple federal law enforcement agencies who could be attempting to prosecute you to the max, including the FBI, IRS, and SEC. New York have their own norm enforcement agencies to charge you with penalties ranging from misdemeanor fines to capital offenses with life sentences.

Here are just a few of the criminal actions matters we handle:

Assault and battery

Drug offenses

Embezzlement; Fraud;


Personal Offenses

Property Offenses



Weapons Charges

We represent you at trial, at sentencing, and on appeal. Some attorney firms dabble in criminal law but for us, this is one of our four main areas of concentration. Our New York criminal lawyers have handled hundreds of cases and have participated in a wide range of arraignments, plea negotiations, omnibus motions, hearings, and trials in criminal court proceedings. If you want to hire a New York criminal defense lawyer who is referred to by our clients as an experienced in criminal law, call us today.

Dedicated Criminal Defense Law Firm

You can come to expect that the criminal defense lawyers at Sharova Law are not “paper pushers” or “stand-ins” who just help the “star attorney”. The Sharova Law Firm only hires top-notch talent and cultivates that talent so that we are able to help as many people as possible without sacrificing the quality of results by relying solely on one or two people.


When looking for convenience due to travel constraints, know that the Sharova Law Firm has offices in Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. We will travel to meet with clients at their office or residence if that is what is necessary to get the most out of the client-attorney relationship.

Our teams of New York criminal defense lawyers have much experience in defending clients involved in a myriad of criminal charges. We have had great success in helping clients resolve issues involving sex crimes, drug crimes, theft, white-collar crimes, and much more. We understand you need an attorney who knows that the prosecutor wants to convict you so our lawyers will move and act with vigor in defending you against that possibility.

Our New York City and lawyers are adept at handling appeals and part of their ability comes from paying close attention to the Appeals Court in related districts and doing vast historical research in order to prepare briefs that will be effective on behalf of the client’s personal situation.

Get New York Criminal Defense Lawyers You Deserve

Do not settle for attorneys who have a general practice that does not have a multi-prong approach because they are working the same New York defense lawyers on multiple cases of different types. Use the law firm that hires and trains attorneys to focus on a few different areas of law and puts multiple attorneys on one case to gain a perspective edge.

The quality of our New York attorneys can be gauged not only by our track record in litigation but also by our delightful reviews and testimonials of our treatment of our clients. We take high-quality client experience of the law firm and we bring that to every client. We do not believe people are case numbers or that you can have a person going through a turbulent time without having to deal with the emotional side of that human being. We are defense attorneys who work with people, not cases.


We cover multiple kinds of criminal law and have the experience in court to be able to help you craft the best possible defense strategy available. Innovation and outside the box thinking is one of our mantras here at Sharova Law Firm. We do not take the road most traveled nor do we have a “this is like that other case” approach. We respect that every case is different and we treat it like it is the first of its kind.

Let Our Criminal Attorneys Save Your Future

When you are facing criminal prosecution, it seems as if the rest of the world grinds to a halt. The possibility of going to trial and being convicted of a crime that could turn your life upside down for the remainder of your years is not easy to cope with. The Sharova Law Firm is dedicated to giving every client of ours the high-quality client experience and we work diligently to relieve the pressure off your mind. Our lawyers will create the best strategy possible to get the desired results, no matter your circumstance. Our focus is to help you overcome this hurdle and get your life back on track.

Everyone makes mistakes, and for some, in New York, you can have a past criminal history erased from your permanent record through expungement. This is vital to anyone trying to gain employment in certain parts of the economy. Our lawyers at the Sharova Law Firm have the ability to help you and your child’s future. Contact us for a confidential consultation and we will inform you on what your options are regarding your specific situation

No situation is too small or too big for our law firm to handle effectively. We have criminal defense attorneys who are fighting traffic violations for our clients and we have criminal defense lawyers who focus on DUI/DWIs. We use a team of lawyers to get multiple perspectives on major felony charges such as murder, high profile public official corruption, enterprise white-collar crime, and more.

Not every criminal defense lawyer in New York is going to have the same abilities or caliber, even if they are in the same building or floor apart from each other. Who you talk with protecting your rights and freedom is a major decision and it is one that should not be taken lightly. Research our defense attorneys and learn why Avvo has awarded us as the client’s choice attorney.

Why is the criminal defense professionalism matter?

Modern life is so fast and dynamic that, perhaps, the only real value is time. We value our time, and therefore we know how to value and respect the time of others. Our experience and professionalism allow us to find the optimal solution of the tasks set by the client promptly and competently, based solely on the current legislation and established a practice.

Our law firm has established contacts with professional accountants and auditors, patent attorneys, criminal lawyers, real estate specialists, arbitration managers, experts, and appraisers, which allows us to cover almost the entire range of legal and consulting services.

We subordinate our activities to a single goal – the successful solution of the tasks is set as our main goal.


Ronald Huddson
Ronald Huddson

Ronald Huddson


Can I change criminal defense attorney if I'm unhappy with the one representing me?




Hi Ronald! Judges normally do not allow to change court-appointed or a public defender. Contrarily, defendants who hire private attorneys always have the right to fire them without court approval.

Adrián Seco
Adrián Seco

Adrián Seco


Dear Sir or Madam, I have a question related to the fees. More specifically, how much are criminal attorney fees in 2020? It is an easy question but answers are quite ambiguous everywhere. I researched and will appreciate if you can give comments. First, relying on your experience, what is better for the client: hourly billing or case billing? As far as I know, the criminal attorney's hourly fees start at $100. I personally haven't encountered a lower price in New York. Depending on the experience of the attorney, the price can rise to the $400 as a median legal fee. Taking these into account, I am not quite sure how to find out the experience of the attorney if he or she is not famous. Criminal cases are closed unseen and the information on the case is confidential. Defendants of criminal cases would not appreciate the information go public (unless it is needed). So, in most instances, it will be difficult to indicate an experienced attorney from unexperienced if their fees are the same. For a famous criminal attorney, the cost can be up to $1000 per hour. Surely, the average person will want to find a cheaper yet reliable option. Especially, when there are many hours of potential work. Thank you in advance! Best regards.




Thank you for the question. Indeed, you will not find the information regarding the "standard legal fee". Cases vary in various factors that can influence the cost of attorney's services: The seriousness of the offense; The probable complexity of the case; Whether the case goes to trial; Geography; and, as you mentioned, the attorney’s experience. Less experienced lawyers typically set fees lower than those of their more experienced colleagues. If you want to be sure, check the official rating of the attorney. Most reputable attorneys give their clients an opportunity to rate them online incognito. For complex cases, attorneys usually charge by the case. The fee would not change, regardless of the number of hours, the lawyer devotes to the case.

Bryn Jensen
Bryn Jensen

Bryn Jensen


I was participated in June's protests in NYC. I blocked traffic without permission and have been arrested. Meanwhile I was drunk. Now I ve got a letter about hearing. Should I seek for a manhattan criminal defense attorney?




If you are charged with a crime arising out of a protest, it’s essential to consult with a manhattan criminal defense attorney. An attorney can give you guidance about the criminal justice system, review your case for potentia legal options, and ensure your legal representation as well as help you to protect your constitutional rights. In case if you consider the police violated your rights during a protests by using force we suggest you to speak with an attorney.



No two clients are the same. We provide each client meticulous individualized attention to clearly define the values that need protection and the objectives to pursue.



We understand that time is a valuable resource and that legal battles are often disruptive to peoples’ lives. We focus on clients’ values and goals to resolve cases efficiently and expeditiously.



Our attorneys are all experienced, with at least a decade of practice and thousands of hours in the courtroom. We use this experience to prepare a focused legal strategy for even the direst cases.



Our attorneys and staff reflect the cultural fabric of the New York City Metro area. When facing a difficult legal challenge, it is important to have somebody that understands you. Наши адвокаты говорят на русском. Se Habla Español. 저희 변호사들은 한국말 합니다 אנחנו מדברים עברית



Our office always has dedicated staff on-call for a legal emergency. We are ready for the unexpected.



“When the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Our attorneys collaborate across conventional practice areas to provide fresh insight and creative approaches to our clients’ problems



Solving problems requires being accessible. Our clients are in constant communication with their dedicated attorney. We also provide clients constant access to their case records and documents through a secure online portal. We believe that ordinary people should be able to afford competent legal services. Our rates are very reasonable compared to similarly situated attorneys.

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