Can I be charged with a DWI if I fall asleep in the car drunk on the side of the road?

One of our clients asked us this unique question out of curiosity and our response was as insightful and practical as any NYC DWI attorney could give.

The first thing you should know is that falling asleep in your car drunk or after drinking is not a smart idea, there are much better options. Take an Uber or Lyft to a motel and stay a few hours if you are far away from home, or better yet, consider not drinking and driving, or at the very least prepare a designated driver for the evening.

If you do decide to drink and then drive and then pull over to the side of the road for a nap, a likely scenario to unfold will go like this: the officer will see you pulled over to the side of the road, he or she will get out and see you sleeping behind the wheel or in the passenger seat and will then proceed to wake you up with a few taps on the window.

When you roll down your window the officer will smell, the alcohol or even the marijuana (if that’s your thing) both has a distinct aroma. The presumption by the officer is that if you fell asleep in the driver’s seat then you were driving the vehicle. Even if you are in the front of the vehicle, they are going to raise that as a presumption. Then the burden of proof falls on you and your NYC DWI attorney to prove otherwise while explaining how you got into that position. Did someone drive you?

According to our New York criminal defense attorneys, there are a lot of inferences to debate about. In addition, who owns the vehicle and do you have a drivers’ license are major factors in this scenario. This all going to come out since you are the only one in the vehicle, you are behind the wheel or you are in proximity of the wheel and therefore you drove impaired and then pulled over to sleep it off.

Now, if you were to be in the backseat that is a bit of a stretch for the police officer to say that you were impaired or intoxicated while driving. This is simply because you were in the back seat. According to Bruce Provda NYC DWI attorney for over four decades, says the best thing to do if, in fact, you do feel sleepy, is to fall asleep in the trunk of the car. No one will know where you are no one will know you are there and no one could stop you and question you. Nevertheless, you will have to contend to how you will get out of the vehicle’s trunk when you wake up, but that is another question.

The bottom line is our New York attorneys agree and say if you are sleeping behind the wheel or even in the front seat, the police are going to ask you roll down the window and smell the scents of your excess pleasures, whether they are alcohol or marijuana. You will more than likely be arrested and charged with either DWI or DUI.

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