Can you refuse a Breathalyzer on Religious Grounds?

The Sharova Law Firm has been asked many questions and has answered many questions. One question, in particular, was raised to a couple of or DUI attorneys over the last couple of months and we have decided to answer it here.

As the title of this article reads, is the way our DUI lawyers were asked the question. In reference to the question, it was more detailed towards the refusal being granted legal on the basis of the plastic tube on the Breathalyzer not being kosher.

This was not a comical or typical question posed to our DUI attorneys we assure you. Our DUI attorneys did thorough research before answering the question for our clients. The short answer is no. You cannot refuse a Breathalyzer with impunity based on religious grounds.

The reasons why are that there is no research showing that the plastic tube that goes into the ampule has any animal fat or animal protein used in the process of manufacturing of the plastic tube. If this were to be true you would not have to be Hindu, Muslim, or Jewish, you could be a vegan; you do not have to be kosher.

However, according to state laws in most states, our DUI attorneys have found that you cannot use religion as a reason to be absolved from the consequences of breaking the law. Religion still has its protection under the First Amendment of the Constitution; it is no excuse to break the law.

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Acacia Crawford
Acacia Crawford

Acacia Crawford


Recently i went out of the jail and after party with little intoxication i was gettong home.My car was stopped by a police officer. He was kinda rude to me, so I chose refusing a breathalyzer test in nyc. He has my social security number. What should I expect for?




If you refusing a Breathalyzer test in nyc, you will apparently meet some legal consecuences. As an example, if an officer stops you and believes you are intoxicated, and you refuse to submit to a test to determine your blood-alcohol concentration (BAC), your license can be suspended or even you can go to jail. An attorney can examine whether the stop was legitimate and ensure your legal repreentation in trial, if necessary. If you have questions about your rights and legal options in consequence of the refusal of a BAC test, get in touch with an experienced DUI attorney asap.



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