Do Cops Need a Warrant to Blood Test Me for DWI/DUI?

Drunk driving is among the most common crimes in the United States, and New York City is not an exception. Many people of all genders, ages and professions face DWI charges every day. However, some of them do not even realize that they were “catch” by a mistake.

Of course, we do not saying there that it is a good idea to drive a vehicle after a drink or two. Even if you feel good and think it won’t be a problem for you to drive home, even if you had just a one beer, it is better to stay at your friend’s place or go home by taxi or public transport. Trying to drive under alcohol may end not just in a fee or annulment of your driver’s license, but also in a serious injury or even death.

But imagine that you forgot all the rules and advices and decide to drive home after a couple of beers in a local bar. Suddenly you are stopped by a patrol. What should you do? How should you react? One of the most common questions we hear from our clients is if police officer can ask you for blood test, or do cops need a special warrant to ask you for that?

The answer is yes! They normally do not do a blood test, especially with the technology available and the Breathalyzer. Sometimes if they suspect that a heinous crime was committed, like, they hit a pedestrian or caused a bad accident and people have been injured, the authorities would seek a warrant to take a blood test.

The idea behind the blood test is to answer the question, “what is the true reading of the alcohol level,” “What is the level of being impaired or under the influence?” They do not know until they take a chemical test or blood test. Blood test they are going to need a warrant. If you refuse to take a Breathalyzer, or you have been knocked unconsciousness and are in the hospital and there has been a bad accident, they are going to seek a warrant to take your blood.

A blood test is not an invasive procedure taking or drawing blood is very common. However, they are going to seek to obtain a warrant to be positive that they acted under the guise of the law and a judge agreed. The purpose of the blood test is to prove a crime and they are going to need to get a warrant to be able to do that.

How to Find Blood Test Driving Online The 5-Minute Rule for Blood Test Driving You must select an attorney who isn’t promising the planet, promising dismissal or anything aside from high high quality representation from a seasoned dui attorney. The only different questions that you should answer come from your DUI attorney. A seasoned DUI attorney will normally challenge the arrest and attempt to convince the Court to lower the charges.

The Lawyer will manage your case and they’re going to begin investigating the Blood test outcome, First Investigation Report submitted by law enforcement officer and witnesses of the situation. The DUI lawyer is the sort of lawyer that will deal with all details of the case from the start to the end. A skilled drunk-driving attorney can further allow you to figure out the flaws with the urine test to prepare the ideal defense.

If you rent a lawyer, you are going to be able to prepare a defense team once the charges are filed. An excellent lawyer will be mindful of the motions that have to get filed not just preserve the evidence, but also to make sure it doesn’t get lost or damaged in the practice. A great defense lawyer could be in a position to challenge a blood test on a variety of grounds.

The Importance of Blood Test Driving In the event the attorney doesn’t have experience in DuPage County, it’s highly advisable to retain legal counsel that does possess the experience. He might also inform you about the essential evidence that you might not be aware of. Your DuPage County DUI Attorney will be quite acquainted with the neighborhood procedures.

The New Fuss About Blood Test Driving DUI cases are extremely time sensitive, thus don’t wait to lease an expert individual. Also remember that it is not a normal case, it is a criminal offense, which if not performed properly you might end up with more and more problems. If you’re wrongly implicated in the DUI case, your attorney will have the ability to prove the exact same to the court and totally relieve you of all the charges.

Where to Find Blood Test Driving Lawyers have legal knowledge and data about laws that can on occasion help reduce your fine and jail time. For instance, the attorney can provide you the details on what sort of sentence is expected for a person who is convicted of DUI for the very first time versus one that has been convicted before. When picking a DUI lawyer choose one which has a great track record with a great deal of wins in court. To save your reputation and your record, you are likely to require a DUI lawyer to represent you get through the legal problems that you’re facing. Sometimes you are in need of a DUI lawyer even in case you have not had a drink. A great DUI lawyer is important if you’ve recently been arrested for driving under the influence.

The Secret to Blood Test Driving Be patient and discover an attorney whom you may trust. Not necessarily that each lawyer needs to know about the DUI law, but hiring a severe focus practicing law-firm would serve as an advantage for your case. A dedicated lawyer is everything that you want to have beside you simply to acquire right outcomes. An excellent lawyer will understand how to verify its accuracy.




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