Step 1: Become a Lawyer, Step 2: Become the President

The title above may be a bit confusing at first glance, but there is more to it than just a possible reference to the upcoming Presidents Day holiday. There is a saying, “The trend is your friend,” & with 55% of all United States Presidents (25 out of 45) either being lawyers or majoring in law during their collegiate years, I am inclined to say sticking to that plan is sound.

Some of the most popular or well-known presidents got their start in law or as lawyers. One of the most famous Lawyer-Presidents never attended law school. I am referring to Abraham Lincoln. He was a self-taught lawyer who became efficient at law through reading legal textbooks and the legal code of the times.

Many Commanders in Chiefs came through from being lawyers or studying law. Some other United States Presidents include Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. Barack Obama was not only a Lawyer-President but was the second Lawyer-President to come through Harvard University. The first Lawyer-President to enter the White House from Harvard was the 19th president Rutherford B. Hayes.

You may be wondering how do lawyers and presidents go together? Law and politics have a rich and intertwining job correlation. A prominent legal career can help lay the groundwork for a lawyer makes a distinguishable reputation for him or herself while making powerful contacts along the way. Not only future presidents seem to benefit from becoming a lawyer then moving into politics. Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton have law degrees, and they have both had a successful career in politics.

Nevertheless, the correlation does not stop there. The skills that a lawyer must master in order to be effective and rise to the cream of the crop are skills that translate well into a leadership position in government. Skills like reasoning capabilities, speaking skills, logical thinking, and the ability to craft an effective argument. All of these skills and traits come in handy as Commander in Chief.

Just to show how powerful studying law can be for future Commander in Chief hopefuls, you can look at the then United States Presidents who dropped out of law school and were still obviously successful. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman both dropped out of law school. Truman went to then called Kansas City Law School and never earned a degree, and Roosevelt attended Columbia University without finishing is degree.

Will this trend continue or will we see a shift in this trend? George W. Bush was the first president to hold office who had an MBA. This could lead to something interesting as we now have our first billionaire Commander in Chief with President Donald Trump. Who knows for certain, but if the business degree holder were to become the majority of presidents, it would take the next century and a half at best to see that take place. Time capsule anyone? Some might argue that some traits are best left out of politics altogether. What do you think?

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