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SHAROVA LAW FIRM Mortgage Banking, Foreclosure and Lending Lawyers have represented financial institutions and banks in creditor liability litigation and complex commercial and residential mortgage foreclosure cases throughout New York State for many years.

CHARLES MARINO - Chief Real Estate Attorney and top performing Mortgage Banking Attorney at SHAROVA LAW FIRM has impressive experience in foreclosure cases, both for the defense and for the prosecution. He has handled more than 12,000 deprivation of property rights cases.

Today, CHARLES MARINO will share his experience of working with banks and talk about the specifics of his work:

founder“When a property is sold through foreclosure, it means that the owner of the property has not been able to pay their monthly mortgage payments.

And after a set number of missed payments are past due, the lender is legally entitled to take possession of the property and sell it at auction to collect the property owner's outstanding mortgage debt.

The economy and the real estate market are rapidly evolving, and with it, the legal regulations and laws regarding the handling of real estate, property, and houses that are owned by banks are changing.

Therefore, a good real estate lawyer needs to keep abreast of legal and statutory requirements.

The practice of foreclosure in a mortgage bank requires that a lawyer be able to deal with issues related to: 

  • Foreclosure process;
  • Issue a loan;
  • Initiatives to reduce losses in case of default;
  • Eviction or summary foreclosure following foreclosure, interference with consumer litigation;
  • Bankruptcy and disposal of property owned.


Mortgage bank foreclosure attorneys represent their clients in civil litigation in state, federal, and administrative courts.

I have been advising creditors on the most cost-effective strategies for maximizing asset recovery for 12 years, representing them in court and helping them avoid additional legal problems.

Representing banks and credit institutions, I act as an adviser on buying or selling debt, restructuring and protecting the rights of creditors, including foreclosure proceedings on commercial mortgages and bankruptcy proceedings.

In addition, my practice includes litigation and appellate representation in federal and New York State courts and working closely with our Bankruptcy Department.

My track record includes working with a large number of New York banks and local credit organizations in the field of lending. I can say that foreclosure proceedings require the attorney to have a particular understanding of foreclosure laws and experience in dealing with complex legal issues that typically arise in the mortgage lending and maintenance industry.

The laws on which I advise and advocate for my clients include: 

  • Integrity of Credit Act (TILA) and Integrity of Credit Reporting Act;
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair and Accurate Credit Dealings Act (FACTA);
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and Consumer Protection Act;
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA);
  • Civil Assistance to Military Personnel Act and Tenant Protection Act for Foreclosure;
  • GSE Guidelines;
  • CFPB rules and regulations.

The most important thing in my work is to reduce the costs and delays associated with non-performing loans and reduce losses from litigation. As well as thorough and prompt assistance in foreclosure cases from the moment the proceedings are initiated to the transfer of ownership. And all because the success of my clients is my top priority.”



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