How much does an appeal cost and what is the right way to file it


Family law appeals are most commonly filed for divorce decrees, temporary support orders, and child custody issues.

The reason why one of the parties has the right to appeal is a significant legal or factual error that the judge made in considering the case, which causes significant damage to one of the parties.


What is an appeal?

An appeal is the legal process of asking a higher court to review a judge's ruling in a lower court (trial court) because you believe the judge has made a mistake.

Appellant - The party that files the appeal.

The appellant is the party against whom the appeal is being filed.

Superior Court (Court of Appeal) - reviews the appeal and decides whether the trial judge has made errors that need to be corrected. The court cannot present new evidence when filing an appeal. The court considers only what was said and done in the trial court.

Appeal hearing does not prevent the entry into force of the court ruling that they are appealing; the order takes effect immediately and must be followed throughout the appeal process unless you file a motion for the stay of the ruling.


Steps in the Appeal Process


  • Filing a Notice of Appeal

Often, a notice of appeal must be filed with both the trial court that made the decision you are appealing and the appellate court.

  • Payment of state duty

The fee that the applicant must pay to the Court of Appeal when filing an appeal is usually between $100 and $250 and is paid to Clerk of the Court of Appeal.

  • Determining whether additional information needs to be provided to the appellate court as part of the opening of your case

In some states, appellants must file a separate administrative information document after the notice of appeal is filed.

  • Ordering trial transcripts

Transcripts are ordered through a trial court reporter. It is recommended to contact the Clerk of the Court of Appeal to check the status of the transfer of the minutes to the Court of Appeal, which includes all documents and a transcript.

A transcript is a written record of a court session, often prepared by a court clerk.

  • Writing and submitting the brief

You must receive a written notice indicating the deadlines for submitting the brief. The first brief of the appellant should describe a list of the errors you think the trial court made, a statement of the facts of the case, your arguments explaining why and how the trial court made each error, and a request to set aside the trial court's order.


How much does an appeal cost?

Like all forms of litigation, appeals are expensive due to the sheer amount of work that goes into research and writing. All risks must be carefully considered before deciding how to proceed.

4 main factors on which the cost of the appeal depends:

  • the complexity of the case
  • number of questions
  • lawyer's rate
  • the length of the trial

On average, an appeal costs the plaintiffs at least $10,000. In complex cases, this amount can rise to $15,000 to $30,000.

Appeal costs, in addition to attorney's fees, include filing fees, preparation of minutes, and transcription services.

A transcript typically costs up to $2,000 for a full day of hearing.


Estimated Appeal Costs.

In estimating the cost of your appeal, the appellate attorney will estimate how much time, on average, will be spent on each of the stages of the appeal process (preparation, motion, research and writing, oral argument).

When calculating a reasonable estimate, the appellate attorney is guided by the following information: how long the case has been in court, the number of parties involved, whether applications for summary proceedings or dismissal of the case have been filed, and how long the trial took.


Method of payment of the fee to the appeal lawyer.

Appellate attorneys usually offer one or two billing options.

Hourly payment method. The amount of the fee is the sum of the time spent by the lawyer working on the case. In this method, payment often requires a large advance payment.

Fixed payment method. Payment is made immediately or in monthly installments with a down payment.


Appeal in New York.

The New York appeal process begins with the attorney filing a notice of appeal to the opposing side of the case. After service of the documents, there is 30 days to file a notice of appeal with the court.

Fees for filing an appeal in New York:

  • A fee of $65 is payable to the county clerk for filing a notice of appeal at their office.
  • The fee for a civil appeal or filing of documents initiating special proceedings with the Appeals Division is $315.
  • The fee for filing a motion or a counter motion for a civil appeal or special hearing is $45.

All these fees are paid prior to the submission of the relevant documents.

There are strict rules for filing appeals that must be followed or there may be a risk of additional costs. Therefore, the best way to file an appeal correctly is to contact an appellate lawyer.

New York Appellate Attorney

Winning an appeal in New York requires knowledge and experience. And filing an appeal on your own, without a lawyer, is very difficult and risky.


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