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What responsibility threatens for violence in marriage, and where to complain?

Rape is a crime against a woman

New York criminal court defines rape as sexual intercourse between a man and a woman against her will.

If the husband has committed other violent acts of a sexual nature, it will not be considered rape, but it is still possible to bring a man to justice. 

The crime must contain at least one of the following elements so that it can be qualified under the Criminal Code:

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-the victim was helpless and could not resist;

-direct physical violence was used against the victim in order to carry out sexual activities with her, or she was threatened with the use of such violence (threats could also be made to third parties – the parents or children of the victim);

if the victim’s will to resist was suppressed psychologically by death threats, grievous bodily harm, this is an aggravating circumstance.

If none of these factors can be applied, the law enforcement authorities would most likely consider that there was no rape.


Consult a qualified marital rape attorney as soon as possible to protect yourself and prove your dignity.

Marital Rape Attorney | Brooklyn

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No matter your situation or your relationship with your accuser, you must work with a skilled and tenacious spousal rape lawyer. Rape is seen as a violation of a person’s privacy and sexuality. In earlier times marital rape wasn’t a legal matter whatsoever.

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Police and prosecutors act as gatekeepers for all kinds of rape, assessing victims in a way unthinkable for different crimes. Finding legal representation when you’re accused of a sex crime is just one of the most significant decisions that you are able to make. Try to remember that numerous cases are convicted as a result of a crime scene or arrest confession, so resist the need to explain.

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If you attempt to work on it on your own the procedure can be quite confusing. If all parties do not consent to the details of the PC Order, the issue has to be a conference in front of a judge. Please speak to us now in case you will need assistance. 

The American Dream was Cancelled. Abuse encompasses a broad range of behaviors, but irrespective of the charges you’re facing, it’s going to be sensible to employ a New York spousal abuse attorney. A New York Spousal Rape Lawyer will tell you there are several different sorts of rape charges.

The long-term legal ramification and the social consequences that are associated with a conviction of a sex crime are stark and harsh. It is wise not to forego the counsel of a statutory rape lawyer who can help you in your time of need.

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You don’t need to hear the procedure, the abundance of motions that has to be filed, and how we’re likely to destroy the mother or father of your kids. An individual has the right to say no to sexual contact no matter their existing conditions or history by using their attacker. Even in the case, the people involved do not wish to press charges, a minimum of one person is going to be arrested.




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